Silent PC Chiller

I’m proud to present a liquid cooling system for computers that is portable, extremely quiet, and can exhaust heat outside your area of operations. I offer several variations to meet your needs from 1535 BTU/hr on up to 3070 BTU/hr with single and multiple pumps and redundancy. The unit has automatic temperature and humidity monitoring and compensation to ensure there is never any condensation that could damage electrical components.

  • Quiet at less than 52 db measured at 30cm (1 foot) away under full load.
  • Automatically adjusts for current humidity levels
  • Display coolant temperature and flow rate
  • External unit with 25ft vent tube (optional)
  • 24v Pump capable of run 30ft of coolant line
  • Quick disconnects for easy installation
  • Module to automatically control flow rate based on coolant temperature (optional)