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TreeScapes for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Provide all vegetation seasons for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Full license allows for complete manipulation of vegetation data that Microsoft Flight Simulator uses. Full version has over 27 seasonal presets and allows for the full creation of your own vegetation presets.

You can transform the look and feel of Microsoft Flight Simulator and let your creativity explore the world of trees and vegetation.

Some of the vegetation features you can modify in the Flight Simulator world:

  • 27 built in Presets of covering the globe (full license)
  • Add, Delete, Modify vegeation Presets to establish your own global vegetation environment
  • Vegetation types (Acacia, Cactus, Conifer Boreal, Conifer Cool, DateTree, Deciduous, Jungle, Olive Tree, Orange Tree, Palm Tree, Scrub, Semi-Tropical, Shrub, Vineyard)
  • Biomes (ability to adjust Instances per Hectare, Scale Factor)
  • Species (ability to adjust spawn ratio, color variants, material) with preview images (not actual)
  • Variation within a species (ability to adjust Height range, spawn ratio, stiffness (age/branches), frames/bushiness, mask color to lighten or darken, leaf color variance, depth above or below ground)
  • Eco Regions (assign a Biome to over 847 eco regions)
  • Automatic Updates
  • 3 usage version:
    • Full License – unlimted access to all features
    • 30-Day Trial – unlimited access to all features for 30 days
    • 30-Day Trial Expired – limited to usage of 4 vegetation presets and no ability to modify presets