Shop – Seasons for MSFS

Bring Microsoft Flight Simulator vegetation to life with 12 months of varied vegetation covering Seasons for Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Some of the key features:

  • 12 X 12 Months or seasonal vegetation (Northern and Southern Hemisphere)
  • Seasonal months can be automatically applied based on Microsoft Flight Simulator date
  • Seasons Generator to quickly customize and build your own Northern and Southern 12 months of seasonal vegetation
  • Import updated EcoRegion and Biome data from free online resources
  • Customize vegetation EcoRegions, Biomes, Species, Variations of Species
  • Adjust species, size range, spacing on terrain, wind influence, density, and more
  • Define your own Color Presets to apply to Species
  • Share your customized seasons and color presets with friends
  • Automatic updates to ensure compatibility with latest versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator and provide new features
Evolving 12 months of seasons from KHIO