Seasons for MSFS FAQ

Here is a list of answers to common questions regarding Sim Horizon Seasons product.

Question:Is an internet connection required when using Seasons?
Answer:Yes, both trial licenses and full licenses are validated against servers on the internet.
Question:Can I make changes to season sets while during a flight?
Answer:No, the SDK currently does not permit changes to vegetation files update during a flight. You must be at the Main Menu when making changes to seasons sets.
Question:Why are the vegetation branch colors the same as the foliage?
Answer:SDK currently does not permit color changes to vegetation foliage separate from branches.
Question:Why do I only see 14 types of vegetation?
Answer:The SDK currently does not permit the addition of new vegetation assets (images/structures) to global environment vegetation.
Question:Why does the vegetation not change when I fly across Northern to Southern hemisphere locations?
Answer:Unfortunately the SDK does not support the changing of vegetation to match Northern and Southern hemispheres during a flight. My Seasons product allows you to select one or the other, but you can’t transition from one season set to another season set in real-time.

In order to help me improve Seasons and get additional support from Microsoft, please take a moment to add your vote/voice to a thread I have posted in the MS/Asobo developer forum located here.